Nature charges our batteries

We’ve called Blue Forest Shores home for four years, it was love at first hike when we walked the shoreline of the property. Since then we have carved out a simple, yet fulfilling existence living in harmony with nature by planting food and medicine gardens, keeping chickens for eggs, utilizing fallen trees to build various structures and enjoying nature’s playground. Nature charges our batteries; to walk out our front doors everyday drinking in the salty forest air is a blessing.

We chose the name Blue Forest Shores to reflect our forest, ocean and sky surroundings. Coincidentally, we are situated in a WHO designated Blue Forest Zone, qualified by the seaweed that lines our rocky shore - rockweed. Not far from our shores are two other Blue Forest Zones - seagrass and kelp beds.

We enjoy meeting new people and cater to those seeking inspiration and healing from nature by providing education and experiences focused on natural, healthy living. We are delighted to host retreats and special events focused on sauna, hydrotherapy, herbal medicine, natural food, yoga, and self exploration. Our 100 acre property, shoreline and five wild islands provide a unique backdrop for incorporating nature into all of our programs.

We discourage the use of alcohol and drugs at Blue Forest because we feel that nature based activities and living provide a natural high; we are providing guests an opportunity to explore substance-free experiences.

The Team

Wouter Polder


Wouter is our land and building engineer, plus he can fix anything. He has elevated the sauna build to an artform, handcrafting each detail from his own design. On his days off he likes to go fishing, and exploring the local islands by kayak.

Ben Polder & Nala


Ben helps with building projects, milling lumber on site, and social media. He’s the guy for heavy lifting, he keeps super fit at the gym and loves surfing the waves at Lawrencetown. His dog Nala is his constant companion.

Daniel Ross


Daniel is a recent member of the BFS team, he made it through the winter living 100% off-grid in the boathouse; he kept energized and motivated by daily cold dips. Daniel works hard assisting with building projects, land management and marketing and promotions. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition and natural healing.

Savayda Jarone


Savayda is happy to have returned to her roots on the eastern shore. She is a herbalist and brings a passion for connecting people with plants and healthy living. She tends to the herb and vegetable gardens and helps Blue Forest grow through event planning and coordination. She’ll gladly point out the abundance of wild edible and medicinal plants on the property.

Philip 'Yaro' Darmos


Philip is often hanging out behind the scenes, maintaining this website, marketing and engaging in project research. He can also be found tending large fires and feeding the chickens. He brings creative inspiration and business experience to the project. He likes the sauna extra hot and is a super promoter of natural, healthy lifestyles.

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